[Ndn-interest] Multiple names for lookup-by-content?

Felix Rabe felix at rabe.io
Mon Sep 29 12:56:49 PDT 2014

I've just thought of something - sorry if this is a duplicate, I can't 
possibly completely follow what has been discussed before, so feel free 
to point me to earlier discussions (even if just 4 days old) of the same 

The idea of a lookup by content via its hash intrigues me. I've heard of 
a suggestion of including this hash as a special field, so routing can 
happen either by name (if content with such a hash is unknown) or by 
content hash.

I think of a content hash as yet another name. Why not include ... both? 
"/canonical/path/to/a/file" and "/hash-of-file"?

Their order could indicate precedence, so the first name would be 
matched wherever a router only looks at one name (I'm thinking of 
performance here), whereas multiple names could be supported and matched 
in special situations (like a distributed database that uses NDN as its 
transport), but are optional to match.

- Felix

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