[Ndn-interest] Selector Protocol over exact matching

Ignacio.Solis at parc.com Ignacio.Solis at parc.com
Thu Sep 25 16:17:06 PDT 2014

On 9/25/14, 10:35 PM, "Lan Wang (lanwang)" <lanwang at memphis.edu> wrote:

>In NDN, if a router wants to check the signature, then it can check.  If
>it wants to skip the checking, that's fine too.  If the design doesn't
>allow the router to verify the signature, then that's a problem.  In the
>above description, the cache signs a data packet with a name owned by
>someone else, it seems problematic for a design to advocate this.

Routers that support the Selector Protocol could check signatures.

>One difference is that here the returned data can satisfy only that
>interest.  In the original selector design, the returned data can satisfy
>other Interests with the same name but different selectors (e.g., > 50).

Interests with the same selector would be exact matched throughout the
network at any node.

Interests with different selectors would not match on all routers, but
they would match just fine on routers that supported the Selector Protocol.

Basically, everything you want works on routers that support the Selector
Protocol, but routers that don¹t want to support it, don¹t have to.


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