[Ndn-interest] Simulation vs Emulation of NDN applications

Haroon Rashid haroonr at iiitd.ac.in
Thu Sep 25 08:20:39 PDT 2014

Hello All,

I need your guidance in implementing  NDN applications. Please correct me
in the following points:

1. I want to develop some applications and do measurements in NDN
architecture. Since, I am new to this field, I think it will be easy to
start with ndnSIM rather than going for NDNX/CCNX emulators directly. Once
I get a good grip on this architecture, then I can start working with
emulators. Am I going in the right direction or should I change my approach

2. If I work on ndnSIM, do I need to understand the NS-3 architecture first
or should I start working with ndnSIM directly.
 In both of the cases how much time it will take to have a good grip on
ndnSIM if I devote 3 hours daily. Regarding my background: I know c++  but
I have never used NS-3.

3. Is there anything else which you would suggest to me for better
understanding of NDN apart from reading the papers. This is because I have
already read many papers and most of the concepts are clear now.
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