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Burke, Jeff jburke at remap.UCLA.EDU
Sat Sep 6 23:02:14 PDT 2014

The discussion menu item has been added to the named-data page; ideas on
what should go there would be much appreciated.

On 9/5/14, 6:10 PM, "Ilya Moiseenko" <iliamo at ucla.edu> wrote:

>> Hi Felix
>>> Hello list
>>> I'm looking for two more people :)
>>> Chat Question: I've looked at registering #ndn on FreeNode just now,
>>>but it was already registered by user "frank_o" about 11 hours ago. Are
>>>you on this list, and is this a chatroom for NDN?
>>> Forum Question: There was mention (during the NDNcomm 2014 meeting) of
>>>an online forum. Whoever started it: Where is it, can it be published /
>>>linked to as an auxiliary forum to the mailing lists, e.g. for
>>>topic-specific discussions not covered by these lists or development
>> I was talking about named-data.net website. Right now there is a
>>section with mailing lists on the right side of the front page.
>> I proposed to add a discussion section to the top and include links to
>>redmine pages, github pages, ICNRG, etc.
>> Maybe it will get done soon
>> Ilya 
>>> - Felix
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