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Hi Tai-Lin Chu,

Just to clarify; CCN has not been renamed NDN.   CCN is the Content Centric Networking project (and protocol) by PARC.  You can find the project home page at www.ccnx.org.

NDN is a separate project funded by NSF that was originally based on CCN but has now forked in code and functionality.  This is the NDN interest list.


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On 9/2/14, 11:35 PM, "Tai-Lin Chu" <tailinchu at gmail.com<mailto:tailinchu at gmail.com>> wrote:

CCN is now renamed to NDN, and a lot of changes happen in five years.
Here is a good reading list to keep up with those changes: http://www.caida.org/workshops/ndn/1409/

I hope this helps.

  Tai-Lin Chu

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Dear NDN.

Hello. My name is Haeil Choi. I study Networking at Kookmin graduate school from Korea.

I'm interesting the future internet. so I read the your paper NDN.

 - Networking Named Content by V. Jacobson, D. K. Smetters, J. D. Thornton, M. F. Plass, N. H. Briggs, R. L. Braynard CoNEXT 2009, Rome, December, 2009.

I have some questions. so I write this e-mail.

This paper was 5 years ago, I do not know what is changed now. I would appreciate your response.

1. I want to know what is IP+CCN Router in section 4.1.

2. In figure 6, If Routers have both IP function and CCN function, Does IP Router C know adjacency Router A, B, E, F? How does it know that?

3. I organized the problem related to figure 6 in attached ppt file. Do I show you the exact description?

4. I understand that CCN don't have source and destination. How does the IP Router C find the A and B in Interest packet sent from the F?

5. I want to simulate the same conditions as above in NS3. I don't know how can I designed IP+CCN router in NS3.

 I wonder if I could get a related data and ndnSIM source.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for your time.


Haeil Choi.


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