[Ndn-interest] How can you operate with ccn and ip?

Lan Wang (lanwang) lanwang at memphis.edu
Wed Sep 3 06:49:11 PDT 2014

If you are asking about if IP routers and NDN routers can interoperate, I think the answer is no.

On Sep 3, 2014, at 2:02 AM, 최해일 <0023 at naver.com<http://naver.com>> wrote:

I think you were so difficult to a lot of questions at once.

so I ask a question I most want to know.

When CCN Router is performed partially, I think the Current-Router must be able to work together.

Could IP routers(like OSPF routing protocol) operate with CCN Routers(NDN)?

I would appreciate you giving an example or involved paper.

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