[Ndn-interest] application scenario

GQ Wang gq.wang at huawei.com
Thu Oct 23 14:28:58 PDT 2014

It seems to me the ideal approach for these syncs is a pub-sub model that A should subscribe certain "interests" at B and C, and
get some events back (if any). Once received these events (saying some prefixes), A will determine what it wants to sync.
It can be done effectively in a well-organized network (e.g., a cluster-head), or somewhat awkward in a totally ad-hoc environment.

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Hi there,

Suppose I have a node A that has limited memory.  It wants to synchronize partial data with other nodes (B and C).    The other nodes are fully synchronized with each other (they use ChronoSync).   Node A wants to get updates whenever the other nodes have more recent versions of the data it has, but the other nodes do not know what A has.  What's the best way to design this application?  Ideally we don't want A to specifically sync with one particular node (B or C).

Here's an illustration:

* Node A has:

- /a/v1
- /b/v1

* Node B and C have:

- /a/v1
- /b/v2
- /c/v3

Ideally A should get update about /b/v2, but not /c/v3 as it's interested in /b, not interested in /c.

We don't want to run ChronoSync on A, as it doesn't have the space for all the data and it is not interested in all the data either.


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