[Ndn-interest] OSX Homebrew formulae

Alex Afanasyev alexander.afanasyev at ucla.edu
Wed Aug 27 14:01:20 PDT 2014

Hi Felix,

Thanks for the brew formula!!  We thought of adding this for a loooooong time, but never had enough man power to do that :)

I would suggest though a couple of tweaks to the formula, which I will include in pull request later today.  It would be awesome if you can make a formula for NFD and some other NDN-related packages (at least, ndn-tlv-ping, repo-ng, ndndump).  However, there are complications with NFD, since it is contain two daemons, one should run as super user, the other one as some dedicated ndn user.  Initial environment needs to be properly set up for it, nfd-start/nfd-stop should be helpers to launchd (check macports definitions and patches for NFD: https://github.com/named-data/macports/tree/master/net/nfd).  I'm not quite sure how much of these is supported by homebrew, maybe all of what I listed can be put just in caveats/user instructions... Do you have ideas about it?

I'm also really looking forward to see Docker image for NFD/ndn-cxx.  It could really simplify running of NFD on linux platforms different from our supported Ubuntu 14.04 and 12.04.  In case you need instructions for .deb packages, you can find the current one here: https://github.com/named-data/ppa-packaging


On Aug 27, 2014, at 6:13 AM, Felix Rabe <felix at rabe.io> wrote:

> Hi
> Congratulations on the platform release!
> I'm working on `brew install`-ability of the NDN Platform 0.3 over at https://github.com/felixrabe/homebrew/ (named-data branch).
> ndn-cxx 0.2 seems to build fine already (tested on OS X 10.9.4, and so far not including any optional dependencies):
>    brew install https://raw.githubusercontent.com/felixrabe/homebrew/named-data/Library/Formula/ndn-cxx.rb
>    # or: cd /usr/local ; git add remote (my repo) ; ... (checkout named-data) ; brew install ndn-cxx
> This is my first Homebrew formula, so please feel free to send me pull requests. My plan is to gather feedback and pull requests from the NDN community and cover the whole NDN platform before creating pull request(s) to the official https://github.com/Homebrew/homebrew.
> Sneak preview: I'm also working on Docker images, and I've already succeeded in building ndn-cxx on Ubuntu 14.04 as a Docker image. More on that later.
> Kind regards
> - Felix
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