[Ndn-interest] NLSR dissemination of FIB updates

A K M Mahmudul Hoque (ahoque1) ahoque1 at memphis.edu
Tue Aug 5 07:00:45 PDT 2014

Hi Junxiao,

Thank you. We shall implement an interest based protocol for NLSR.

The message is old, and I need to modify it.



From: Junxiao Shi <shijunxiao at email.arizona.edu>
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To: A K M Mahmudul Hoque (ahoque1)
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Subject: Re: [Ndn-interest] NLSR dissemination of FIB updates

Hi Hoque

Instead of opening an "API client port", I suggest NLSR to use an Interest-Data based protocol.

NFD RIB Management protocol contains "advertise" and "unadvertise" commands that are probably related to this purpose.

Yours, Junxiao

On Aug 5, 2014 6:51 AM, "A K M Mahmudul Hoque (ahoque1)" <ahoque1 at memphis.edu<mailto:ahoque1 at memphis.edu>> wrote:
>  - as option for launching the nlsr daemon they provide '-p' to specify
> > the "port where api client will connect" (nlsr's usage output). I looked
> > at the code, but I'm not able to find out if they've already
> > implemented/used this functionality. Could you please provide me any
> > hint about its aim/meaning?
> --- It will be implemented in future. The aim of this one to tell NLSR to advertise prefix,
> --- or even adding neighbors without taking down NLSR. Not only that this API can be
> --- used to remove old prefixes link that are no longer valid. The objective is to do those
> --- things without taking shutting down NLSR
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