[Ndn-interest] NLSR dissemination of FIB updates

Salvatore Signorello unict.signorello at gmail.com
Tue Aug 5 02:28:26 PDT 2014

Hi all,

I've noticed that if I register a new name-prefix into the RIB using the
command nfdc, the nlsr daemon does not disseminate the new added route
to its neighbors. Below the syntax I used:

1) nfdc register ndn:/ndn/finance/colostate udp://IP_address

2) nfdc register -o 128 ndn:/ndn/finance/colostate udp://IP_address
(this time is tried the 'origin' option I read on into the nfdc's man

3) nfdc register -c 45 -o 128 ndn:/ndn/finance/colostate
(I've added a cost for this route, thinking that a zero cost could stick
the protocol)

for every attempt the name-prefix registration was successful, but I saw
no trace of dissemination for the new name-prefixes. Have I used the
right syntax/command? Is this the expected behavior?

Further I would be glad if someone could answer two more questions about
this behavior:

- what's the rationale behind it? I mean, for which reason do they want
the name-prefixes registered through this command to not be disseminated
to neighbor routers?
- as option for launching the nlsr daemon they provide '-p' to specify
the "port where api client will connect" (nlsr's usage output). I looked
at the code, but I'm not able to find out if they've already
implemented/used this functionality. Could you please provide me any
hint about its aim/meaning?

Thank you in advance for the support,

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