[Ndn-interest] Standard Naming Convention

Junxiao Shi shijunxiao at email.arizona.edu
Thu Apr 17 14:30:51 PDT 2014

Hi Leonid

Suppose I know /prefix/movie.mpeg is a video, and there are two additional
name components: version number and segment number.
But I don't know what's the latest version, and I don't know how many
segments are there in the latest version.

I would:

   1. let version be nil
   2. send Interest to /prefix/movie.mpeg
   3. if Data does not arrive within InterestLifetime, goto step 7
   4. let version be third Name component (version) of the Data
   5. send Interest to /prefix/movie.mpeg
   6. goto step 3
   7. if knownLatestVersion is nil, fail
   8. let seq be %00
   9. send Interest to /prefix/movie.mpeg/version/seq
   10. if Data does not arrive within InterestLifetime, fail
   11. append Data content to the video stream
   12. if FinalBlockId is present in Data and it equals seq, abort these
   13. increment seq
   14. goto step 9

Yours, Junxiao

On Wed, Apr 16, 2014 at 8:12 AM, L.Zeynalvand <zeynalvand at ce.sharif.edu>wrote:

> thank you Junxiao for your consideration,
> But that was not the problem I discussed,
> lets say you want to get movie.mpg, and we know that movie.mpg does not
> fit in one packet, so clearly it is segmented into
> /prefix/movie.mpeg/%00/%01 , /prefix/movie.mpeg/%00/%02 ,
> /prefix/movie.mpeg/%00/%03, ...
> Now what is the name of the first interest you are sending to the network
> to get the movie? and how do you know how many more interests you should
> send?
> thank you very much
> --
> Leonid Zeynalvand
> M.Sc Information Technology
> Sharif University of Technology
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